30-Day 30-Min Spring Cleaning Checklist

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When I hear the words “Spring Cleaning,” I usually panic because keeping my house clean is already a herculean task. My own cleaning style is a rhythm of triage and damage-control. I get done what I can each week and earmark what needs the most attention for the next. I have a standard set of boxes to check for each room to be clean and done for the time-being.

But there is more that I could do to give my house a deep cleaning and these are extra tasks that need seasonal attention as opposed to weekly. When you list all of the Spring Cleaning tasks with your regular cleaning, it looks daunting. How can I possibly add more chores to my week?

That’s where our 30-Day 30-Min Spring Cleaning Checklist can be helpful! I have broken down these extra cleaning tasks into 30 projects that you can spend as little as 30 minutes on, to make a huge difference. Not every task might fit your home and there are probably unique projects that you already have on your list, but hopefully this helps organize the job of spring cleaning into smaller, doable chores.

Additionally, there are other projects that you might consider outsourcing. Schedule and set up appointments for carpet cleaning, window washing, house power washing and gutter cleaning before spring flies by!

Download and print a copy of our 30-Day 30-Min Spring Cleaning Checklist today.

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