Guide To Homeschool Co-ops And Groups In Rochester

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Rochester, NY has a large and active homeschooling community with endless opportunities. There are constantly ways to participate with other homeschooling families, allowing children and caregivers to socialize and benefit from group classes, events, and field trips.

In the homeschooling community, there are many different types of groups to get involved in. A homeschool co-op is a group of multiple families who organize on a regular basis to offer group classes for their children. The caregivers volunteers to teach the classes, so the children may enjoy the expertise of others. There is usually a cost to these groups, but may be lower because the instructors are volunteers. There are also other membership-based group that range from free to higher-cost depending on the services they provide. These groups may facilitate caregiver support meetings, outings, or a variety of events and field trips. Some programs offer drop-off classes or co-op style classes run by volunteers or professionals.

The Greater Rochester area offers a variety of these types of groups. Some may operate strictly as a homeschool co-op or membership-based group, while others are a combination. Still yet, other homeschool services offer a la carte participation. The lists below provide a glimpse into the many groups operating in our area. These groups focus their efforts in different areas, so some websites may not be updated or communications may be done through private facebooks groups, yet they may still be active and thriving in-person.


Rochester Homeschool Co-ops and Membership-Based Groups



Classical Conversations helps parents overcome the obstacles they think prevent them from homeschooling. Our weekly groups provide accountability and training inside a classical, Christian community. Our parents homeschool with confidence because of the support of trained tutors and a curated curriculum from preschool to college credit. Use the buttons below to discover more. 

American Seeker Academy
Brighton, NY
NEW! At American Seekers Academy, we believe in providing a unique and exceptional Classical homeschool program that goes beyond traditional education.

Bergen Area Homeschool Co-op: Homeschooling In Community
Bergen, NY
An enrichment program that includes discipleship, arts, and academics.

Charity Homeschool
Penfield, NY
Charity Homeschool is a Christian homeschool co-op and support group which seeks to encourage, support, inform, and provide fellowship to area homeschooling families.

Classical Conversations
Brockport, Penfield, Victor and Webster, NY
Classical Conversations is a proven Christian homeschool program created by parents for parents.

Gloria Deo Classical Homeschool Cooperative
Greece, NY
Through a full program, Gloria Deo Classical Homeschool Cooperative strives to support each other in homeschooling our children using a classical education philosophy.

The Gospel Collaborative
Brockport, NY
Our mission is to create community. We want to support, encourage and empower parents while teaching and inspiring their kids to learn, make friends and have fun.

Grace Collaborative
Spencerport, Brockport, Greece and Fairport, NY
Grace equips families to educate their own children through community, education and support.

Greater Rochester LEAH
Multiple groups in the Greater Rochester Area
Greater Rochester LEAH is a Christian home-schooling support group whose intent is to encourage, inform, and provide fellowship for both home-schooling parents and their children.

The Hive Collective Inc.
Le Roy, NY
The Hive is a secular homeschool enrichment program to supplement core and extracurricular classes.

Lilac Children’s Garden
Brighton, NY
Lilac Children’s Garden offers weekly classes inspired by Waldorf education philosophy to homeschooled children ages 5-14.

Livingston Choice Learning
Hunt, NY
We’re a worldview neutral homeschool community based in Livingston County. We exist to create a community, provide educational opportunities and to support families.

Monarch Homeschool Cooperative
Victor, NY
Monarch Homeschool Cooperative offers a secular program. We are a group of families who work together to provide supplemental classes and community.

Navigators Chapter 357
Navigators Chapter 357 was established to provide an inclusive alternative scouting opportunity for families in the Greater Rochester/Monroe County area.

Pittsford Community Church LEAH
Pittsford, NY
PCC LEAH is a home school ministry that meets at Pittsford Community Church. It is a Rochester, NY area chapter of Home School New York: Loving Education at Home.

RISE Community Homeschool Study Group
Henrietta, NY
A homeschool study group that focuses on academic classes for teenagers.

Rochester Area Homeschooling Association
Rochester, NY Area
We are the Rochester Area Homeschoolers Association (RAHA).  Our member families practice child-led learning and unschooling, giving the child a greater role in deciding how much and what to learn.

Rochester Christian Co-op
Pittsford, NY
Children need to learn at their own pace and have the creative and nurturing environment to support their growth.

St. Thomas Aquinas Homeschoolers of the Rochester Area
Rochester, NY Area
Our mission is to provide information, experiences, and a supportive community for Catholic families who choose to educate their children at home.

Henrietta, NY
Academics are important but Teach2Learn is founded on the premise that the more important piece to our education is the character and discipline students instill throughout their educational journey.

Truth Collaborative Co-op (formerly Encounter Co-op)
North Chili, NY
Our worldview is through the lens of the Bible, and we have created an atmosphere where children can learn, explore, and ask questions freely and safely.

Wayne County Homeschoolers (NY)
West Wayne County, NY area
A welcoming, informal cooperative homeschooling group that meets weekly in the West Wayne County, NY area.

Westside Christian Learning Pod
Hilton, NY
Our goal is to help our children thrive academically, socially, and spiritually by creating an environment where they receive high quality academic instruction, form lasting friendships, and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Westside LEAH Homeschoolers
Westside LEAH Homeschoolers encourages all the members of our group as we strive to teach our kids at home in a Godly way.

Wild+Free: A Homeschool Community for the Adventurous
Rochester, NY Area
Wild + Free groups are for homeschoolers, nature lovers, and those who have simply resonated with this community and want to know more.


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