Guide To Lactation Consultants In Rochester

Breastfeeding is often a bigger challenge than families expect it to be. That’s where Lactation Consultants come in. Qualified Lactation Consultants have completed significant training and specialize in all things breastfeeding. They provide education and support on topics such as: breastfeeding positions, latching concerns, infant weight gain, milk supply, nipple pain, pumping, mastitis, weaning—and more.

A qualified Lactation Consultant can be a key member of your perinatal team. Whether you are pregnant and preparing to breastfeed, have recently welcomed your baby into the world, or are getting ready for a new step in the journey such as returning to work or weaning, a Lactation Consultant can help you navigate the road ahead. There are many Lactation Consultants in Rochester who are ready to support you on your journey and we have listed them here for you in our guide.

Lactation Consultants In Rochester

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