Guide to Autism Resources In Rochester

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Rochester, NY is known nationwide as a center for the Autism community. We are fortunate to have access to resources beyond what many experience. Even with so much available, it can be difficult to find and navigate services. Rochester Mom Collective hopes to support our neurodiverse families with our list of local resources. We encourage moms to get involved and reach out to others in the community to learn more.

The resources listed below mainly focus on supporting Autistic children, but many of them also expand their services to a variety of ages, neurodiversities, and disabilities. As an extra note, some services are private pay, but have financial assistance available to families. Always ask about this option if you need assistance.

Autism Diagnosis (child/adolescent)

Autism Diagnosis (adult)

Evaluations (to access services) 

Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver Coaching and Training

Sibling Support Groups

Advocacy Services

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians and Ongoing Care Support

Clinical Support and Therapies

Autism-Focused Preschools/Daycares

Schools and Educational Services

Autism-Focused Camps

Programs, Classes, and Social Groups

Arts Programs

Sports/Physical Fitness Programs

Peer Support for Inclusion in Activities

Nutrition Support

Respite Services

Transition Services

Training Resources for the Community

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Lindsey S.
Lindsey is originally from the far west of Western New York, and settled in Rochester after attending college in the area. After teaching in both public and private schools, she is now a homeschooling mom to two amazing children. Lindsey likes to plan, read, learn about history, and go on adventures. She often takes her kids out to learn and get involved in the Rochester community. She loves to bring friends along on her adventures, and hopes to inspire more moms to explore and enjoy our amazing area.