15 Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love

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According to the National Weather Service, Rochester has an average of 31 days of measurable rain each year. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but to a mom at home with children stuck inside, it can seem like an eternity. Being caught off-guard by the weather can be jarring and affect our plans as we struggle to stay organized. Being prepared for a rainy day can help you keep your cool. I often pick up a few things at the dollar store or on clearance to hide away in my Rainy Day bin. Some activities don’t require any pre-planning. Here are 15 Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love.

Arts & Crafts

Having our craft corner stocked with paper, tape, markers, tape, glue and more tape is always needed in our house. I have a plastic set of drawers where our kids can find construction paper, plain paper and craft necessities like pipe cleaners and google eyes. Also in our craft corner, I have half-a-dozen pencil boxes – one for crayons, one for markers, colored pencils, tape and glue etc. And that is all you need for your own Arts & Crafts corner for younger kids. For older kids, consider keeping paints and watercolors at the ready. My oldest loves to have blank paper books to create stories. You can also buy blank comic books where kids can make their own comic!

Play Dough

This is more for the younger kids. Just having a few drums of unopened play dough ready with tools for moments of downtime. If you are adventurous, your older kids might enjoy slime or kinetic sand.


Having a few puzzles organized and ready to go can be great for younger and older kids alike. Kids can start with 12 or 24 piece puzzles and work their way to more challenging puzzles.

Paper Airplanes

It was my Grandpa who taught me how to make a paper airplane. Whenever he left our house, the floor would be littered with paper airplane masterpieces. You can teach children to make simple airplanes or learn online to make more complex ones together. Then they also have something to color and decorate.

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Indoor Obstacle Course

Help your kids make an indoor obstacle course using chairs, couch cushions and pillows. Once they get the hang of making one with you, they’ll be keen to make their own.

Make A Fort

Help your kids make a fort with blankets and couch cushions. Stock it with stuffed animals and books and let them play “House” for a little while.

Scavenger Hunt

With a little bit of time, you can set your kids up on a scavenger hunt around the house. Write clues on index cards and hide them around the house when they’re not looking. Have it end with an object to find or to come give you a hug.

Movie Marathon

Heat up the popcorn, get into pajamas and curl up under a blanket with kiddos while you enjoy some movie time. Share a movie that you enjoyed when you were a kid!

Dance Party

Turn on some music and dance some of that energy out. Learn a dance or make one up together.

Board Games and Card Games

Break out the cards and set up monopoly. Have your games stocked with something everyone play together. I bought a children’s bingo game set with cards that include animals that we enjoy playing.

Write Letters and Make Cards

Use a rainy day to have your kids write letters and cards for family and friends who are far away. As a mom, I have 85,000 re-usable gift bags and a million blank card stationary sets. Those are also hiding in my closet for a rainy day. Have kids make a greeting card folding a piece of construction paper – just cut it to the size of an envelope before starting!


Let’s grab some books and read more!

Look At Photos

If you have any photo albums, break them out! Chances are you have digital photos stored somehow that they have never seen. Show them their baby photos. Show them your baby photos. Show them you at their age. Have some time showing them the family that they are a part of.

Clean Together

Being stuck inside doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done! Give somebody a vacuum, someone a broom and hop to it. Younger kids can help in their own ways – dusting, cleaning baseboards, putting toys and shoes away. Set a timer and speed clean for 30 minutes to see how much you get done in that time.

Play Outside In The Rain

If it’s drizzling, they don’t have to stay inside. Put on coats and rain boots and splash in some puddles!

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