Guide To Fitness In Rochester

Welcome to our Guide To Fitness In Rochester! Whether you are looking for a trainer, classes or a gym to be a part of, check out these local businesses in Rochester.

Jess Kleinhammer is a personal trainer specializing in women’s health. She has certifications as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach as well as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. Through a holistic approach she helps you integrate mind and body to improve many areas of your life. If you are looking to recapture your health and fitness she would love to help you!

At Spoke, you’ll find that fitness can be fun and inspiring. For many people, it’s not only a means to be fit, control your weight, or live a healthy lifestyle, it’s a form of therapy. With our 45 minutes of either riding, rowing, lifting, or stretching you’ll leave with a clear mind and a good workout, all while having a fun time. The class lighting is more club- than gym-worthy (translation: dark and LED lit). Second, there’s a DJ-like playlist in every class to energize a SweatParty vibe. This creates a completely judgment-free environment, where you lose yourself in the music and darkness, so you can focus on your workout rather than on how you look, and what the person next to you is thinking. This is why they call it a SweatParty and why they think you need to start loving your workouts again!

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