Guide To Pediatric Dentists In Rochester

Taking care of our teeth is important to our overall health at any age, but it can be overwhelming to find a new dentist, especially for little ones. We’re here to help with our Guide to Pediatric Dentists In Rochester!

This guide is brought to you in partnership with our friends at Rochester Pediatric Dentistry and offers a broad comprehensive guide to pediatric dentists throughout the Rochester area.

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Rochester Pediatric Dentistry

Your child’s initial visits to the dentist can set the stage for optimal oral health for a lifetime! At Rochester Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s health and comfort are our main priorities.  Our goal is to make them excited for their next appointment! We focus on prevention, and tailor treatment to each individual child. Visit our website or call our office to talk about establishing a dental home for your little one!

Hi! My name is Dr. Jacob Altmire and I am the pediatric dentist at East Avenue Dentistry. Pediatric dentists attend specialized schooling to treat infants, children, growing teens, and patients with special health care needs who need additional accommodations. Whether your child is very shy or very chatty and outgoing, my team and I can provide them with a fun, foundational, positive experience. We introduce them to healthy habits in a kid-centric environment to ensure the best care possible, and promote a lifetime of exceptional oral health. Our team believes every visit should be entertaining-and educational. Yes, children do get cavities-but don’t worry. Using techniques like distraction, tell-show-do, and sedation dentistry, we’ll help your child have the best possible experience. We love when children leave the office with a prize in their hands and a big smile. We hope to see you soon!









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