Rochester Resources for Families of Children With Down Syndrome

A blue and yellow ribbon for our Rochester Resources for Families of Children with Down Syndrome

If you recently received a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, we want you to know that there is a community of professionals and families here in Rochester to support you. Maybe you are moving your family with children with Down Syndrome to Rochester or you want to learn about resources available in the area to help others. These organizations are available to connect families to a support network here in Rochester.

From their websites:

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network
Whether you are awaiting your child’s arrival or your baby has just been born, a new or potential diagnosis can seem overwhelming.
We are here to help. DSDN provides real time connections to parents of a child with Down syndrome through private, moderated online groups. We are happy to connect you with a Down syndrome organization in your local area.

Flowering City Down Syndrome Network
Our mission is to provide education, support, and opportunities to people with Down syndrome and their families. We operate in the Greater Rochester area and are a network of families, professionals, self-advocates, and friends who all share in the joys and challenges of a Down syndrome diagnosis. We know that people with Down syndrome have valuable contributions to make to their communities and we work to ensure that their full potential is met and that they are included in every aspect of their communities. We know firsthand what you are experiencing and we are here to answer any and all questions about Down syndrome.

Gigi’s Playhouse – Down Syndrome Achievement Center
Our location offers direct educational, therapeutic and career building programs to individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community. At GiGi’s Playhouse all ages are welcome from pre-natal adults. The positive and uplifting environment of GiGi’s Playhouse Rochester will empower those individuals with Down syndrome and their families to reach their highest potential. GiGi’s Playhouse custom, researched-based curriculum works towards advancing Literacy, Math Skills, gross and fine motor skills, improving low muscle tone, building self-esteem preparing for the workforce and more while fostering acceptance, awareness and networking resourcing for parents, siblings and the community. All programs are FREE of charge and: cost will not be a barrier to achievement. 

Parents Helping Parents Coalition of Monroe County
Our mission is to support families caring for children with intellectual and developmental delays and disabilities to navigate some of the early challenges, including seeking and/or receiving a new diagnosis and securing crucial supports, such as early intervention and preschool special education services. It takes a village and no one should have to walk this journey alone. We are here for you.

Challenger Miracle Field
Challenger Miracle Field rests on the idea of giving kids and adults with disabilities the opportunity to participate and play in sports. We offer 6 programs to anyone in Rochester, New York and surrounding areas – Baseball, Bowling, Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball and Kickball.