Guide To Private Schools, Preschools and Child Care In Rochester

Welcome to our Guide To Private Schools, Preschools And Child Care In Rochester! Our list is broken down by neighborhood with program ages to help you navigate our guide. This guide is sponsored by Rochester Classical Academy.

Rochester Classical Academy

Rochester Classical Academy is the only school in Rochester that offers a classical Christian education. Its mission is to cultivate in students a godly character and a joyful spirit of inquiry into God and His creation, so that they can engage the world for Christ with wisdom, virtue, and eloquence. Using an instruction model and curriculum derived from 2000 years of the richest and best in education, Rochester Classical Academy will be a place where the best things that have been created, calculated, and discovered are studied. At Rochester Classical Academy, students flourish across disciplines, where the painter is also a scientist, where the star forward also has a passion for poetry, where the math wiz loves to sing in choir. If you step into an RCA classroom, you will find a low-tech, hands-on, ideas-rich environment where teachers fan the flame of curiosity that is innate in every child. You might encounter students singing hymns, forming cursive letters, sketching the parts of a flower, listening to an engrossing story from their teacher, practicing their public speaking skills, building an ancient temple, or dissecting an owl pellet, all under the care of committed Christian teachers who love to learn right alongside their students!

The Harley School is a highly personalized, college preparatory program for 518 students in Nursery-Grade 12. Harley’s classes are student-centered and inquiry-based, an approach which can’t be replicated in large sections or within the confines of the Common Core. The school features extraordinary strengths in the arts, in STEM, in civic and global engagement, mindfulness and empathy, and education for a sustainable future. They are a diverse community that celebrates academic seriousness and intellectual playfulness, care for the world and the self, a love for learning and for life.


Allendale Columbia School (18 Months to 12th Grade)

The Children’s Center at Brighton (6 Weeks to 10 Years)

Kids First Childcare (6 Weeks to 12 Years)

The Harley School (3 Years to 12th Grade)

Rochester Classical Academy (Pre-K to 5th Grade)

Seton Catholic School (Pre-K to 6th Grade)

Winton Road Nursery School (2 Years to 5 Years)


Holy Cross School (Pre-K to 6th Grade)

Summerville Nursery School (2 to 4 Years)


A Time To Grow Preschool (3 Years to Preschool)

Home Away From Home Childcare Center (Infant to Preschool)

Imagination Childcare Academy (3 Years to Pre-K)

Pearce 4 Kids Child Care Center (Infant to 12 Years)


Northstar Christian Academy (3 Years to 12th Grade)


Greece Christian Preschool (3 Years to Preschool)


St. Paul Lutheran Preschool (2 Years to 8th Grade)


Inspire! Learning Childcare (6 Weeks to Preschool)

Irondequoit Cooperative Nursery School (3 Years to Pre-K)

Saint Kateri School (3 Years to 5th Grade)


Inspire! Crayon Campus (6 Weeks to 12 Years)

Trinity Montessori (18 Months to 6 Years)


Ellwanger Barry Nursery School (3 Years to 6 Years)

Friendship Children’s Center (18 Months to 12 Years)

Montessori School of Rochester (6 Weeks to 6 Years)

St. Ambrose Academy (3 Years to 5th Grade)


Kiddie Academy of Webster (6 Weeks to Kindergarten)

Kids First Childcare (6 Weeks to 10 Years)

St. Rita’s School (3 Years to 5th Grade)

Webster Montessori School (18 Months to 6th Grade)

Woodside Nursery School (2 Years to Pre-K)

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