Guide For New And Expecting Moms In Rochester

Hello Mama! Congratulations on your growing family. At Rochester Mom Collective, we hope to support moms especially during the challenging season of pregnancy and postpartum. Here in our Guide For New And Expectant Mothers In Rochester presented by Moms With Benefits, you can find resources, helpful local professionals and tips from Rochester moms.

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Empowering Moms for the Financial Impact of Motherhood

Moms with Benefits is on a mission to empower expecting moms to evolve into motherhood with emotional and financial stability. Through community, we shine light on the challenges of being a working mom and the financial leader for your family. Through engaging podcast episodes, educational instagram content, and a trust-centered community, Moms with Benefits provides support and resources for working moms balancing career, family, and finances.

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Guide To Doulas In Rochester

Doulas In Rochester

There are many benefits to having a Doula for your pregnancy. A Doula can provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy and delivery and advocate on behalf of moms. Read More

Lactation Consultants

Breastfeeding is often a bigger challenge than families expect it to be. That’s where Lactation Consultants come in. Qualified Lactation Consultants have completed significant training and specialize in all things breastfeeding. Read More

Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Pregnancy and the months that follow are such a critical time for moms. There are many businesses and professionals here in Rochester who offer different kinds of support for women. Read More

Guide To Breastfeeding Support Groups

Breastfeeding Support Groups

There are several support groups for breastfeeding mothers and we have prepared some noteworthy resources that are available with our Guide To Breastfeeding Support Groups In Rochester.  Read More

Guide To Infant Care Services In Rochester

Infant Care Services

Did you know that there are many specialists in the Rochester area who can help you when your infant has issues with sleeping and eating? Or specialists like pediatric chiropractors, occupational therapists or physical therapists? Read More

For New And Expecting Mothers

10 Ways To
Make Your Nursery Safer

by Sarah E.

Setting up a nursery for your baby can be a fun project. Make sure your space doesn’t just look good, but is functional and safe, with these tips and resources.

What You Really Need
For A Second Baby

by Sarah E.

Preparing for a second (or third) baby can feel a lot less daunting than the first time around. But you might be wondering what new items could be helpful.

8 Tips To Make Your
Breast Pumping Journey Easier

by Sarah E.

Whether you always planned to pump, or are embarking on your pumping journey unexpectedly, here are tips that you can make the journey ahead a bit easier.

The Hard, The Good
And The Beautiful

by Mandy B.

Can I just be honest for a minute here?

I had NO idea how difficult taking on the title of “Mom” would be. None. The deeper I get into raising my kids, the harder some aspects become. Being a mom requires real sacrifice unlike any other occupation that I’ve ever had. It requires great wisdom beyond me. It is also draining, exhausting, thankless, tedious, and full of monotony. Did I mention that the salary isn’t great either??

So why in the world did I pursue motherhood?

5 Tips For
Breastfeeding Mamas

by Mandy B.

The lesser known fact is that breastfeeding can be incredibly difficult. With each new baby, each breastfeeding experience is completely unique.

The Labor And Delivery
I Never Knew I Wanted

by Mandy B.

This wasn’t what I had hoped for. As we stared at the ultrasound, it confirmed that our baby was breech. We had prayed that things would turn out differently. 

6 Facts About Perinatal Mental Health Every Mom Should Know
by Sarah E.

A Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder occurs during pregnancy, immediately postpartum, or sometimes months after welcoming a new baby into the family.

How To Support A Family
Who Just Adopted
Their First Child

by Amanda G.

A new adoption is full of layers of emotions and needs. Having a baby brings exhaustion, pain, and often hard feelings mixed in with the joy of a new family member. Adoption is similar, but the needs of the child, parents, and family as a whole can differ in many ways. 

Below are ways that my husband and I were greatly supported after adopting each of our boys. It was such a blur of a time in our growing family. However, I distinctly remember this tangible and emotional help from our family and friends. Each type of support went a long way for us as we settled in together.

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