10 Chocolate Makers In Rochester

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At Rochester Mom Collective, we want to support local Rochester businesses and we are excited to share with you these 10 Chocolate Makers In Rochester. These businesses are right here in our city, dishing up fresh chocolate delights. Whether you’re looking for holiday treats or a gift for a special occasion, be sure to check out these chocolate makers!

Affair de Chocolat
Located in Fairport, Affair de Chocolate opened in 2001. At first, they only made truffles but today they make over 70 different kinds of chocolate including Prosecco Cordials and Chocolate-Covered Twinkies!

Andy’s Candies
Andy’s Candies was founded in 1917. They have locations in Greece Stoneridge Plaza, Victor Eastview Mall, Webster, Penfield and you can order online. Andy’s Candies has you covered with all of your chocolate staples including chocolate-covered pretzels and malt balls.

Divanna Chocolates
You can find products by Divanna Chocolates online and with local vendors. They have hemp seed bark, raspberry and espresso truffles and you have never seen anything like their beautifully decorated chocolate bars. They call it Chocolate Art for a reason!

Encore Chocolates
Founded in 1987, Encore Chocolates has always been known for its imaginative and innovative chocolate gifts and creations. Their shop is near the Charlotte area. Encore Chocolates have boxed chocolates of all kinds – truffles, peanut butter, cordials and even chocolate boxes filled with chocolates!

Goodie Shoppe
The Goodie Shoppe has been making fine chocolate in the town of Webster since 1927. You can visit their shop to see their selection of chocolates. Also be sure to check out their infamous ice cream cakes that they have been making for 60 years.

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates
Hedonist Artisan Chocolates was founded in 2007 and their shop is located in Rochester’s South Wedge Neighborhood. They hand-craft small batch confections with old-world technique. They also have their own ice cream shop with their staples and weekly new flavors!

Laughing Gull Chocolates
Three moms came together with a passion for chocolate, community, and sustainability and formed Laughing Gull Chocolates. You can order online, sign up for subscription boxes and find their products at other local vendor locations. Their shop includes products for baking, sauces and hot chocolates. They also hold tasting events and classes.

Original Candy Kitchen
The Original Candy Kitchen has been a Williamson institution since 1890, family-owned for four generations. What started out as an ice cream parlor became a family diner and candy store. You can sit down for a meal and then shop their beautiful, molded chocolates.

Stever’s Candy
The Stever Family has been making chocolate in Rochester since 1946. They have been operating at their Park Ave shop since 1970. At Stever’s Candy, in addition to boxed chocolates, you can find sponge candy, fruit bark and molded chocolates of all shapes.

Watson’s Chocolates
Watson’s Chocolates has many locations throughout Western New York including their shop in Victor. Their molded Novelty Collection is unique. For the Buffalo fan near and dear to your heart, check out their BuffaLOVE Collection.

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