50 Things To Do During Winter Break

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As someone who did not grow up in New York, it still feels odd to me that Winter Break happens in February instead of having a second week of Christmas Break, but I may be getting used to it. Having another chance to slow down this winter is a welcome treat. For some parents, it may cause stress to coordinate time out of school while working. To those moms, we hope your week goes smoothly. If you are looking for activities and things to do during Winter Break, hopefully this list is helpful, whether you are looking to get out and about or stay in at home. Have a safe and restful Winter Break!

  1. Visit Jurassic Quest
  2. Set up a puzzle on a table to do as a family
  3. See the new musical comedy Mrs. Doubtfire at Rochester Auditorium Theatre
  4. Go sledding
  5. Check out a new coffee shop
  6. Read through a book together
  7. See where Kids Eat Free this week
  8. Build a snowman as a family
  9. Create your own hot chocolate bar
  10. Go on family winter hike
  11. Make your own pizza as a family
  12. Make a homemade soup
  13. Check out books together at your local library
  14. Visit a new indoor playspace
  15. Go out to eat at a sit-down restaurant as a family
  16. Help your kids build a blanket fort
  17. Visit with your neighbors
  18. Camp out in the living room
  19. Find rocks to paint
  20. Visit the Seneca Park Zoo
  21. Cut snowflakes together to decorate your windows
  22. Print out some coloring sheets and grab the markers
  23. Have an indoor picnic
  24. Make an obstacle course
  25. Visit an ice skating rink for open skate
  26. Call and talk to distant family members
  27. Play music and have a dance party
  28. Refresh your kids’ bedrooms with a good cleaning with their help
  29. Have a family game night
  30. Go to one of our Top 10 Playgrounds if it is warm enough
  31. Have a family movie night with theater-style snacks
  32. Visit the Rochester Museum & Science Center
  33. Go through old family photos together
  34. Catch a laser show at Strasenburgh Planetarium
  35. Make cookies together
  36. Check out the George Eastman Museum
  37. Listen to an audiobook together
  38. Visit a local library for Library Storytime
  39. Go out to the movies
  40. Go swimming
  41. Hit the lanes and go bowling
  42. Visit The Strong Museum
  43. Play Hide and Seek
  44. Have your kids help plan, shop and cook for meal
  45. Arrange a playdate with a friend
  46. Visit your local rec center
  47. Snow tubing at Greystone
  48. Make a Scavenger Hunt to send your kids on
  49. Go out for dessert together after dinner at home
  50. Take the kids out to breakfast before going to work

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