10 Sledding Hills In Rochester

A boy pulls friends on a sled in the snow.

Sledding — is there any better childhood thrill for snowy Rochester days? For big kids, little kids, and kids at heart, sledding makes for great winter memories whether you love the cold or are waiting for warm, sunny days to settle on our city again. So slide into those snow pants, boots, hats, scarves, gloves, and thick winter coats for some outdoor fun as a family. Just don’t forget to layer up all little toes, bring extra gloves and mittens, and throw in some hands/feet warmers and (of course) the SLEDS.

While there are many unofficial spots for sledding throughout the Rochester area, here are some great places to start! Afterward, check out our Guide to Coffee Shops for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm up!


Cobb’s Hill Park
Owned by the city of Rochester, there are various hills between the playground and tennis courts (80 Culver Road), as well as near the Tay House Lodge (85 Hillside Ave). A steeper sledding hill starts at the top of Cobb’s Hill Reservoir (off Highland Ave), just beware of the roads around!


Northampton Park
This park has a designated sledding hill across from the Ski Lodge (105 Hubble Road). Restrooms are nearby. Another plus of this spot is a ski hill with a rope tow, lots of hiking trails, and is close to Springdale Farm for a secondary family outing!


Black Creek Park
This area has a large designated sledding hill behind the Woodside Lodge (3835 Union St). Another fun activity for the family while you’re there is exploring the trails!


Center Park
This park is behind the Perinton Community Center (1350 Turk Hill Rd) — one option for parking. It has a large sledding hill great for all ages, and is not typically over-populated. Another option for parking is at Center Park (1100 Ayrault Rd), and you’ll find the hill behind the lodge toward the playground. There are restrooms available nearby.


Frisbee Hill Park 
Owned by the town of Greece, this park is located between Hilton and Greece at 141 Frisbee Hill Road. There is a playground and a large hill, with lots of parking above and below the hill.


Quest Elementary School
At 225 West Avenue, drive around the right side to behind the school for a fun hill to enjoy.


Laurelton-Pardee Intermediate School
Located at 600 Pardee Rd, head to the back of the school for some sledding fun!


Ellison Park
This park holds two designated sledding hills located off Landing Road by the Disc Golf Course (200 N Landing Road). It’s very popular and a bit of a trek from the parking lot. One hill is super steep for experienced thrill-seekers, with smaller and smoother options for those less experienced. The nearby restroom is not open in the winter.


Mendon Ponds Park
The largest park in Monroe County, this area is never really crowded. There aren’t any super steep hills, but it is nice and open with the ability to park close to them. There are two designated sledding hills: one is across from the Cavalry House Lodge at 95 Douglas Rd, Honeoye Falls (with toilets available), and the other is next to the East and West Lodges on Canfield Road (with full restrooms available). 


Webster Park
By the shore of Lake Ontario, there is one designated sledding hill located next to the Parkview Lodge (255 Holt Rd). Restrooms are available nearby.

Now go make some priceless family memories!

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