Where To Go Cross-Country Skiing in Rochester

Cross-country skiers on a snowy trail.

Winters in the Rochester area offer a lot of options for enjoying nature and having outdoor fun. Cross-country skiing is a gentler option than downhill skiing and offers a great workout. Many of our parks have cross-country skiing trails for public use. Some parks groom their trails, making sure they are packed down and maintained, while others leave theirs non-groomed and natural. We hope you take advantage of the season and do some exploring!

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Lindsey S.
Lindsey is originally from the far west of Western New York, and settled in Rochester after attending college in the area. After teaching in both public and private schools, she is now a homeschooling mom to two amazing children. Lindsey likes to plan, read, learn about history, and go on adventures. She often takes her kids out to learn and get involved in the Rochester community. She loves to bring friends along on her adventures, and hopes to inspire more moms to explore and enjoy our amazing area.