Neighborhoods In Rochester, NY

Skyline of Rochester, NY in the evening.
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Thinking about moving to Rochester, NY? Rochester has been known as one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. to live in and in a recent study by US News and World Report of the best places to live in New York, Rochester was ranked as #3.

Moving to a new city is a lot to process. If you are not familiar with the area, it makes it even more difficult. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods in Rochester and surrounding it in the nearby towns and villages.

Neighborhoods In Rochester

The city of Rochester is along the Erie Canal with the Genesee River cutting through it. There are many neighborhoods within Rochester that stand out. The Greater Rochester International Airport and Genesee Valley Park to the southwest and Durand Eastman Park to the north are technically Rochester.

Center City

  • Center City is the heart of Downtown Rochester with Manhattan Square, The Strong National Museum of Play and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.
  • Downtown apartments are near High Falls and Upper Falls, two of the waterfalls along the Genesee River.
  • The East End is home to The Eastman School of Music and Eastman Theatre.

Northeast Quadrant

  • The 14621 neighborhood is named for its zip code and is home to Seneca Park, the Seneca Park Zoo and Genesee River Gorge.
  • Marketview Heights is where you will find the Rochester Public Market.

Southeast Quadrant

  • Park Ave is full of trendy local shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • NOTA or Neighborhood of the Arts hosts many of Rochester’s museums.
  • Browncroft still has many historical homes in its quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods and is near Cobb’s Hill Park.
  • North Winton Village is a charming suburban neighborhood that is still close to the city.
  • Historic homes surround Highland Park which hosts the annual Lilac Festival in Rochester.

Southwest Quadrant

  • The University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital and Mount Hope Cemetery are tucked next to the Genesee River.
  • Corn Hill is the oldest neighborhood with many Victorian homes and hosts the annual Corn Hill Arts Festival.
  • The 19th Ward has the largest residential community and offers affordable homes for first-time home buyers.

Northwest Quadrant

  • Maplewood neighborhood has historic homes and beautiful gardens.
  • Edgerton offers cozy cottages and apartments.
  • Lyell-Otis is a walkable neighborhood with easy commute into Downtown.
  • Charlotte has a maritime village feel with restaurants and views of the river and lake.

Things For Moms To Consider When Moving To Rochester


As moms, one of the first things we consider when moving to a new area are the school districts. US News and World Report has a helpful database of ranked schools. Also check out our Guide To Private Schools, Preschools & Child Care and our Guide To Homeschool Co-ops and Groups.


Rochester is a very drivable city, but also has the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation System (RTS) with bus routes throughout the city and Monroe County.


Safety is always a concern for moms in a new neighborhood. You can check the CrimeGrade for different areas of Monroe County.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

While the city has much to offer, Greater Rochester sprawls out of Monroe County. One can live on the outskirts and still easily commute into Rochester. The surrounding towns and villages have a lot to offer families.